Solo Exhibitions
2017 - Fake Art, Blixenbild Gallery, Berlin
2003 - Viewings, Museum of Contemporaneous Art, Los Angeles
1997 - Everything Box, Kunsthalle Lausanne, Switzerland, curated by Bernhard Svengali
1994 - Ineffable Expressions, Khalabi Gallery, Budapest 
1991 - Randomness and Order, Container Shop, Venice Beach
1990 - Mixed Nuts: Anti-Cartoons, Ashland Avenue Gallery, Santa Monica
1989 - Artist in Residence, Film House, Santa Monica, CA
1988 - Chaos Theory, Ungallery, Santa Monic
Group Exhibitions
2017 - Signposts and Totems, Marginal Gallery, Chicago
2013 - Dispatches: 4 Artists Crossing the Void, Ingveldt+Masters, New York
2010 - Anti/Drawing, Bimlik Edge, Skeld, Norway
2007 - Colors of the Void, Fuffenghelm Museum, New York
2006 - 3nd International Biennial of Non-Contemporary Art of Bilbao, Spain. 
The Untimely: Haunted Visions and Abstractions, SoMa Printing Gallery, San Francisco
2004 - Lemon Drops, La Colleccion Jèvaux, Guadalajara, Mexico
Slumping Towards Betelguese, The Worx, New York
2003 - Salt Hex, Center for Museum Studies, KMart, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
2002 - Mark Van Slyke, Julie Best, Pirron Swevert, Green Gargolian, New York
Mixed Up: Contemporary Art and Experimental Music, Liverpool, England
2001 - Gamble, curated by Jean Blueberg, S.I.C.K., Ghent, Belgium
Caution: Slide, curated by Tony Martini, Jim Van Dyke Gallery, Brussels
2000 Out of Sync: Film and Sound in the work of Mark Van Slyke and Kristof Bengly, Whitmann Museum of American Folk Art, New York
2000 - Julie Best/Mark Van Slyke, American Art Objects, Los Angeles, CA
SHOCKWAVE, Rauccini/Santa Maria Gallery, Napoli, Italy
Doublewide, Gray Naffman Gallery, New York
1999 - Silence, Museum fur Kunstwerk, Zurich, Switzerland
Something to Sea, Gray Naffman Gallery, NY, curated by Pita Dominici
On The Edge, Lawrence Oberst Greenman Fine Art, NY, curated by Lawrence Oberst & Gregory Kruger
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